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Welcome to Andrew Power Personal Trainer, industry leader in body transformations and corrective movement biomechanics.  I provide a professional, hands on approach to attain your goals in weight loss, muscular development, and elite sports performance. 
As a passionate Personal Trainer and movement specialist, I pride myself on returning unprecedented results for every single client, regardless of where their current fitness levels sit and regardless of what they desire to achieve.  My main objective is to achieve exceptional results.  
It is my mission to ensure that every single client surpasses their expectations and realises not only results they are proud of, but results to be envied.  This bold mission is driven by passion, mentored by empathy, and fuelled by science.

With over 12 years' experience in the High Performance Sports industry and backed by the highest regarded sports degree of New Zealand, I offer my clients a wealth of knowledge that can only accumulate over the course of a successful career.  I currently work with UK representative athletes and Premiership Footballers here in the United Kingdom, offering the same highly professional standards to every client I work with.

Mission Statement

I strive to provide scientific training, recovery, and nutrition to every single client at a level that surpasses their expectations. Every Personal Training session will be driven by a highly educated infectious passion that will provide the client with results they are proud of and results that are envied by others.


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