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Welcome to Andrew Power Personal Trainer, industry leader in body transformations, corrective movement biomechanics, and Sports Performance.  With a professional, hands on approach, you are provided with a positive, “no barrier” approach to attain your goals in weight loss, muscular development, and elite Sports Performance and Nutrition.

                        How can I help you?

Are you looking for the competitive edge within your chosen professional sport?


Is your fitness goal to lose that weight you just don’t seem to be able to shift?


Are you looking to achieve a muscular and toned physique to help build your confidence?


Would you like increased energy levels and improved stamina to get the most out of life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I can help you to achieve your goals.  Follow the link below to get in touch today.

With a passion for effective Personal Training that is innovative and utilises the latest in Scientific development, I will provide you with all the tools to achieve your goals.  I pride myself on returning unprecedented results for every client, regardless of any limitations their current fitness levels may impose and set about implementing a plan to realise what they desire to achieve. 


Together, our main objective is to achieve exceptional results for you.

I will cut through the mysteries of the fitness industry with you and give clear guidance when it comes to your training performance, nutrition, and supplementation.  I am so confident in my unique methods, knowledge, and past results that I put my name on ensuring you achieve your health, Sports, and fitness goals.


To back this confidence, I offer all clients a 100% money back GUARANTEE.


Here is a snippet of what some of my clients have said about their Personal Training journey.


Client Testimonials 

“I started training with Andrew as part of my rehab following an injury and major surgery.  Andrew was able to write a program that not only resolved all my muscle weaknesses/imbalances but I’m now stronger and faster than I was pre-injury.”

- Jamie

He’ s the ultimate professional. I wanted results and got them. I found the Training superb, never the same and more importantly Andrew’s enthusiasm and motivation helped me push my body beyond levels I thought possible.”

 - John

“After hours of research I decided to work with Andrew to make me a better Footballer.  His initial assessment session was so in-depth and something that no other Sports Scientist has done for me in the past.  He has made me faster, more agile, and more explosive on the pitch.”

- Liam

“Andrew utilises his vast knowledge of anatomy and his experience in sports to plan targeted sessions that are varied, challenging and fun.”

- Craig

“Andrew is a genuine expert and if you want the best Personal Trainer, Andrew is the trainer you want.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

- Lee

If you are ready to extract the most out of life and your training to be the best you can possibly be then click the link below.

Mission Statement

I strive to provide scientific training, recovery, and nutrition to every  client to a level that far surpasses their expectations. Every Personal Training session will be driven by a highly educated, infectious passion that will provide the client with results they are proud of and results that are envied by others.


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