What to Expect 

Your Personal Training sessions will be conducted within the private setting of our exclusive Personal Training Studios in Liverpool.  Our studios are well equipped giving us the potential to cater for general population clientele right up to professional sports clientele.

During your first session you will receive:


    - Body Composition testing.

    - Skeletal Analysis

    - Neuromuscular Functionality Analysis

    - Performance Screening

    - Background Analysis

    - Goal Identification


During your training all of the elite Personal Training Services below are inclusively available to you.  Each and every programme is created specifically for each client ensuring that their every need is catered for.  This approach guarantees the best possible results for your Personal Training journey.


Register your interest now by clicking the button below.   Spaces are extremely limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.  

Personal Training Services

One on one Personal Training

I train all my clients on a one to one basis to provide the attention and guidance required for maximum success. I conduct all of my sessions from the privacy of Liverpool's most prestigious Personal Training Private Studios and offer free, exclusive access to this world class facility.  
To provide the utmost attention to detail and highest duty of care Personal Training in our studios is only offered on a one to one basis. Each person, athlete, or sportsperson will have habits, conditions, imbalances, and sometimes injuries that are specific to them and so, should be treated specifically and individually.  


Muscle Conditioning

For those who seek to build lean muscle mass in preparation for  high performance outputs specific to their sport, or for those looking to enter a specific event or competition, or simple a special occasion.  I will coach you on how to achieve maximum results with many scientific methods that will naturally up regulate testosterone production, increase protein synthesis, and challenge the body to grow consistently.  A varied and scientific approach will be employed to obtain superb results and avoid unnecessary training plateaus.


Fat Loss 

The loss of adipose tissue can have monumentally positive implications on the health and wellbeing of a client.  To achieve great results it is crucially important to devise the right nutrition plan and the right physical activity regime for each person.  Our bodies all respond differently to certain foods and activities and it is my job to conduct the correct studies to best determine how to scientifically create the most efficient programme for you.


Adipose tissue resides in the human body in two predominant forms, visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Both carry staggeringly high negative health concerns and as such, are treated with great caution. It is my job to guide you safely through your self improvement journey. I will support you every step of the way with motivation, expertise, and knowledge that will yield fantastic results.  Your cardio vascular health will be constantly monitored in conjunction with your training and nutrition to ensure overall health and wellbeing also improves.

Athletic Performance - Sports Performance

If you are seeking improvements in your athletic performance I will assess your biomechanical abilities, identify and correct any imbalances and form breaks to ensure maximum movement efficiency. I will train you for strength and speed then merge them together to explode your power output beyond your competitors abilities. My aim is to give you the edge required for optimal performance and its resulting success.


Nutrition and Supplementation

Nutrition is crucial to the success of every category mentioned above and will be implemented into the training programme of every client.
Initially, current habits will be analysed in search for hormone imbalances, intolerances, and optimal macronutrient consumption and ratio.  Once this information has been gathered an individual nutrition plan will be devised to an exacting standard that is specific to each individual client for the purpose of their goals and requirements.
A detailed plan will be created for each client, providing the best and most scientific opportunities for success.  A sports specific supplementation programme may also be introduced if necessary and/or desired by the client.


Olympic Lifting

A major key component to achieving maximum athletic performance. Olympic lifting challenges the body to develop immense levels of power in quick succession. This style of training has the ability to stretch the cardio vascular performance of an individual which in turn boosts their basil metabolic rate to blast away fat tissue more efficiently than any other training platform. Train like an athlete to build an athletic physique that matches your developing athletic ability. 
Olympic lifting is made up of a number of compound exercises, each with their own in depth technicalities that once coached, improve cognitive ability, coordination, and sports performance.



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