Lee Nicholes is a professional footballer originally signed to Wigan Athletic and now playing for the Milton Keynes Dons.  Lee is an athlete that I have worked with over the past three years, constantly improving on athletic ability and performance.


His Before and After photos were spaced only 6 weeks apart at the start of our partnership and display what can be achieved with dedication and knowledge in such a short amount of time.


During Lee's initial Biomechanics assessment a potential alignment issue was highlighted within the functional movement pattern of his left knee.  This posed the problem of 'injury potential' and needed to be addressed.  After 8 weeks Lee was tested again and this functional discrepence had been corrected.  He then had a 4 month stint playing for the Bristol Rovers where correct function remained and Lee continued to play injury free. 

John Roberts has seen some fantastic adaptations  to his strength and physique during the time we have been able to work together.  As a type 1 diabetic, John’s goal was to safely gain 10kgs of muscle mass whilst still maintaining his abdominal definition and not increasing his HbA1c (blood glucose levels).  As a result of John’s nutrition programme, we not only achieved stable HbA1C, but managed to lower it to almost non-diabetic levels.

Muscle gain has alsways been a difficulty for John however, alongside his nutrition, we devised and employed clever hypertrophy techniques to assist his training plan.  This scientifically derived strategy has enabled John to consistently grow muscle and strength, ultimately allowing him to achieve a very athletic physique.  To date, he has increased his muscle mass reading by 8kg, a phenomenal feat and one which brings him closer to his overall physical goal.

As you can imagine, all this growth has lead to huge strength gains for John.  His bench press is now comfortable at 110kg, whilst leg and back strength has lead to personal best lifts of 165kg for squats and 160kg for deadlifts.  All three of these records have developed by at least threefold since we started working together.  Well done John, it is an absolute pleasure to continue working with you and I am excited about what the future will bring.

Natalie has achieved exceptional results during her short, but effective weight loss journey.  Natalie is proof that you don't need to be an elite athlete and testiment that anyone can achieve great results.


Nat has lost just over 15kgs and dropped her body fat percentage from 33% down to an exceptional 17%.


During the initial stages of her training programme, Nat was struggling with upper back pain due to her occupation.  We implement a corrective programme for her that ran alongside her normal training plan.  Within 2 weeks her pain had gone, allowing her to function superbly in every aspect of life.


These great results were achieved with determination and specific direction.  With a scientific approach to nutrition and intense motivation during every session Nat saw her body composition improve at rapid pace.

Jamie Lewis is a Nationally ranked Judo fighter and currently sits at 48th in his class.  I have been working with Jamie for just over 2 years.


Our initial hurdle to overcome was Jamie's rehabilitation phase post cervical spine surgery.  Jamie also had a number of skeletal alignment issues I had, and still continue to work on.  Diagnosed with scoliosis and clearly displaying misalignment of the pelvis amongst other areas, we have begun to rebuild Jamie and make him a more efficient athlete.


In doing so, we have created a greater sporting potential within Jamie and thus, a stronger, faster, more powerful and efficient athlete.


In addition to the above mention benifits, an athlete who displays improved alignment is less susceptible to injury.  Along with a well devised and healthy nutrition plan, Jamie is the strongest, fastest, and most resilient he has even been.

These pictures display my own before and after results that were achieved in a very short space of time.  The difference between the two photographs on the left was only 2 weeks.  These results illustrate what can be achieved in a short amount of time with 100% dedication and knowledge.

During this time, the design of my training programme remained largely unchanged.  The only addition came in the form of four 20 minute high intensity sessions per week.  

The big alterations which enabled such a drastic change in appearance came from a specific nutrition overhaul.  All macronutrient surpluses were removed and I manipulated my nutrition to maximise energy pathways in order to strip any excess in body fat.


Contrary to popular belief, these and all other results have been achieved without deploying drastic calorie cutting strategies.  Food is not the enemy when it comes to fantastic results but instead, a tool that we can use to maximise return.

Alan Carvin

When putting this page together I read over Alan’s testimony that he put together for me and quickly came to the conclusion that regardless of what I write, his words will always tell his journey better.  So here it is:


              “Just before I started taking sessions with Andrew I weighed almost 21 stone, suffered with high cholesterol such that my doctor warned me that I was in danger of developing type 2 diabetes and other possible serious complications that arise from gross obesity.  My fitness level was so low that walking more than a flight of stairs caused extreme breathlessness.  In 14 months of training with Andrew I am now 13.5 stone, my waist has dropped from 50 inches to 34 inches and metabolic age has gone from 73 years of age to 43 years (I am actually 58).  My cholesterol level is now better than normal and I could fairly be described as very fit.  I would credit these huge improvements not only to Andrew’s considerable technical skill but his genuine commitment to getting me to my ambitious targets.  He doesn’t subscribe to faddish exercise regimes nor starvation diets (I still regularly drink alcohol and go to restaurants) instead opting for sensible, balanced eating and carefully planned / supervised full body workouts.  With Andrew’s expert guidance I am now quite literally a different person.”

At 18 years of age, Liam Collings is at the start of what looks to be a very promising professional football career.  He has just signed for a starting position with the first team at Millwall FC after spending 6 weeks with me to develop his efficiency as an athlete.  

Our partnership began by completing an in-depth scientific analysis of his functional biomechanics and discovered, amongst other things, an issue with his running gate that overloaded his right leg.  This discrepancy meant he wasn’t performing to his potential in terms of outright speed and also left himself susceptible to the potential of an overuse based injury.

We quickly addressed these issues and corrected Liam’s biomechanics which resulted in an instant explosion of power, speed, and strength, all of which would benefit him on the pitch.

We also focused heavily on athletic performance training for Liam.  In the 6 weeks of pre-season that we worked together, he smashed all his previous agility, speed, power, and strength performance records.

Liam is now, without a doubt, the best athlete he has ever been.  With his improvement in Sports Performance and athletic output Liam now possesses the best opportunity to achieve in his chosen sports career.  Biomechanically he has also drastically reduced his chance of injury giving him the edge when it comes to challenging for the starting line up in any league team.

Amy wanted to achieve her bikini body in time for her summer holiday.  Her goal was to get lean so she could feel comfortable whilst relaxing in the sun.  In order to achieve her goals we developed an intensive weights and cardio programme for her, coupled together with a healthy and sustainable nutrition plan.  After 6 weeks of dedicated training Amy achieved the results depicted above which gave an overall loss of 8% body fat.

          “Andrew places a high value on correct form with each exercise.  He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.  Andrew is a bank of knowledge and I am ecstatic about the changes he has helped me make to my body.  Andrew is the best Personal Trainer Liverpool has to offer.”

With the challenge of multiple postural issues,  John’s goal was to change his lifestyle and thus change his physique.  Focusing on intensive training for weight loss and conditioning we began to break down the excess body mass and reveal John’s muscle definition below.  Right from the beginning of his training programme, we targeted the specifics required to correct John’s posture.  Whilst still maintaining intensity to support the results he wanted, we worked on correcting the alignment of the spine, hips, shoulders, and lower scapular.  As a result you can see in the pictures above that his shoulders now sit almost level, his head and cervical spine sit comfortably upright and along the way he has achieved great results for his physique.

To read more about his postural conditions please click on the button below.

The biggest feature to Tony’s programme was its in session intensity.  With the limitation of only being able to train twice a week and Tony’s undeniable love for pasties we really had our work cut out for us.  Nutrition is a key component to getting results fast however, Tony’s results vividly demonstrate how hard, intensive training will still yield a fantastic return.

Tony is always up for every session and will give everything he has to each exercise which would lead to a lot of laughter and success, but also combat his choice of nutrition.  

It is quite often te case that we come across numbers in the industry that state results are gained from 60% training and 40% nutrition or a variation of this.  In truth, each person will respond differently and so we cannot rely on such specifics.  Instead, I never shy away from hard work with my clients and their results reflect this approach.


Tony achieved a muscle gain of 8kgs and lost a total of 12% body fat. These results were achieved in time for his holiday and over the course of 12 weeks.  Well done Tony!

Kyle started his journey with me after feeling lethargic and disappointed with how his body had changed shape over the years.  During our first assessment session we looked into all the evidence we could to understand the cause behind his current condition.  Armed with information from this, and collated with the data gathered over the next week, we were able to build a scientificly based nutrition and training programme that was  specific to his requirements.

Hard work in the studio and controlled meal preparation saw Kyle’s weight rapidly reduce from an initial weigh in of 116kg down to a current weight of 101kg.  He has also knocked 8% of body fat off his frame which has lead to a staggering improvement of 20 years to his metabolic age.  Initially, his age came in at 57 years but now sits at 37 years, a result that is younger than his actual age.


We are still progressing along our journey together with an outright goal of 95kg and hope to achieve this soon.  With dedication I’m sure we can get this last little bit off and update his results soon.

Kate has seen some fantastic results during her weight loss journey, demonstrating that age doesn’t need to be a barrier or an excuse for seeking change.  As can be seen in her before and after photos here, Kate’s body fat has dropped by a significant 12%.  Her overall weight has also drastically decreased during our time together with Kate now weighing in at a healthy 63kgs.  These results have reflected positively in her overall health and energy levels.

Amongst other strategies, Kate’s results were achieved by occasionally utilising Olympic and compound lifts during her work outs. With a personal record of 60kgs on the Rack Pulls, her strength in this particular exercise is phenomenal.  Kate’s squat strength also stands out.  By learning correct form via joint function and skeletal alignment she is now capable of almost squatting her own body weight which I believe is a phenomenal feat for someone of her age.  We are now in a maintenance phase designed to preserve her current physique, yet continue to challenge Kate to stay fit, strong, and healthy.

Matty had an initial goal of wanting to gain some upper body bulk.  After training on his own at the gym  we first set out to correct his biomechanics to make sure he was getting the most out of his sessions.  

Once technique is mastered we are able to lift heavier weights thus creating a greater need for the body to grow.  Safety is paramount when training so increased resistance should only ever be implemented once we know it can be managed safely.  This is the best way to stay injury free and train for results which is exactly what we did with Matty.

His strength drastically improved across the board.  From a previous best of 55kgs on the bench press, he was lifting 90kgs only a few weeks into his training.

His nutrition and training design was tailored to his bulking phase and as a result Matty gained 6.5kgs of lean muscle mass across his arms, shoulders, chest, and back.  Although his goal was specific to upper body hypertrophy, we continued to train his lower body once a week.  This enabled Matty to functionally strengthen his core and back whilst also stimulating favourable hormone production.  Hormones play a key role in body adaptation journeys so it always plays an important part in my clients results.

Once his bulking phase concludes, Matty will go into a cutting phase where both his training and nutrition plans will be adjusted to suit.  This will increase his definition and reveal his abdominals giving that overall athletic look for Matty.

After our initial assessment it quickly became apparent that Kara’s movement pattern through her compound lifts such as squats and deadlifts was conducive to unnecessary wear and tear through the structure of her knees, hips, and lower back.  She had also complained of pain in her knees during any type of load bearing exercise.

The importance of identifying movement issues for clients and developing a detailed protocol on how to rectify those problems really provides a complete and personalised training service.  Not only are their results hugely important but traning in such a way that builds an injury free future is key to success and something that I pride my name on.

Kara achieved perfect movement patterns within a couple of weeks after careful and particular conditioning.  Her pain disappeared instantly which gave us the chance to strengthen the structure of her knees.   She then instantly began to lift heavier weights which is a straight forward way to drastically speed up results in both rehabilitation, and sports performance outcomes.   With Kara’s new found form, these lifts were now performed in a far safer manner and there has been no reoccurrence of her knee pain.

Kara has enjoyed a body fat percentage drop of over 9%, most of which has come from around her stomach.  She has also seen great definition and tone improvement over her whole body.  We also managed to reshape her lumbar spine and adjust the relationship between it and her pelvis to give a more feminine flow to her physique.  Well done Kara!

Prior to working with Sam, he lead a very active and athletic lifestyle.  His. brief was simple, he tasked me with the challenge to chisel his physique to define his musculature and to do it in 3 weeks.  Our timeframe was very tight however, with fantastic dedication to his training and commitment to motivate Sam to his limit during each training session we were able to create an impressive impact on his physic.  As can be seen from the images above, we built muscle on his shoulders, arms,  and chest.  We also tightened up his torso to reveal a lean and toned abdominal region.  Given more time, we would have also focused on the development of his abdominal muscles to create that more contoured appearance for Sam.

He also developed strength over his whole body and concluded the three week programme with a display of improved athletic performance.  Well done Sam for your achievements.  

Arun worked extremely hard for the superb results you can see he has achieved.  Training only twice a week and contending with a very difficult work schedule it was difficult for us to keep command of his nutrition and particularly Arun’s hydration.  With specific strategies in place to work around Arun’s hectic lifestyle we built his results in a fun environment with lots of physical challenges and a realistic, but scientifically derived nutrition programme.

Arun’s drive to succeed was a very personal and touching story.  His family had moved back to India 3 months ahead of his intended departure as work required him to stay on in Liverpool.  His work and results that he gained whilst training with me were a gift to his wife once they were reunited.

It was a pleasure to share this journey with you Arun, and I wish you all the best with your new life in India.

Paul expressed that he wanted to achieve fast results so that he could be proud of his shape and enjoy active down time with his children.  His pictures shown here are a result of 6 weeks of superb effort from Paul whilst he was training with me.   It was a pleasure to work with Paul as he was always happy to commit to everything we did with great grit and determination.  This quickly became apparent when his strength picked up at rapid pace and reflected in the amount of muscle mass he gained.  Paul grew an impressive 2.5kg of muscle over the course of 6 weeks.  

During our initial assessment of his skeletal structure, we highlighted that Paul had scoliosis of the spine.  This was something that we identified as an ongoing issue to improve over time.  With all skeletal issues, the ability to improve and rectify any issues for clients is dependent upon the cause and duration of the issue.  


It can seen in Paul’s pictures above that his spine is already beginning to straighten which is a superb response to his exercise in such a short timeframe.  Well done Paul for your positive commitment and effort during every training session.

Abbie’s primary goal was to achieve a soft and feminine six pack.  Secondly, it was important for her to feel fit and athletic as she mostly lived a sedentary lifestyle.  We quickly developed Abbie’s technique and ability at Olympic lifting.  This was something that she really enjoyed that also provided a great challenge during each session.  This addressed her fitness levels within the first month of training, leading her to compete in her first 5km run.  This event saw Abbie achieve a personal best time of 28:13sec which is a very respectable time for someone new to the sport.

As the photos display above, Abbie was very happy with how quickly her physique toned to exactly how she wanted it.  The change for her in numerical terms was a drop of 4% in body fat and a muscularity improvement of 2kg.  On top of these improvements Abbie’s self confidence began to beam.  It was an absolute pleasure to witness the change from within her and how her personal training gave focus and determination back into her life.  

Well done Abbie, I’m so proud of how well you have done.

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