Lee Nicholes is a professional footballer signed to Wigan Athletic and an athlete I have worked with over the past two years.


His Before and After photos were spaced only 6 weeks apart at the start of our partnership and display what can be achieved with dedication and knowledge in such a short amount of time.


During Lee's initial Biomechanics assessment a potential alignment issue was highlighted within the functional movement pattern of his left knee.  This posed the problem of 'injury potential' and needed to be addressed.  After 8 weeks Lee was tested again and this functional discrepence had been corrected.  He then had a 4 month stint playing for the Bristol Rovers where correct function remained and Lee continued to play injury free. 

Natalie has achieved exceptional results purely for herself.  Proof that you don't need to be an elite athlete and testiment that anyone can achieve great results.


Nat has lost just over 15kgs and dropped her body fat percentage from 33% down to an exceptional 17%.


During the initial stages of her training programme, Nat was struggling with upper back pain due to her occupation.  We implement a corrective programme for her that ran alongside her normal training plan.  Within 2 weeks her pain had gone, allowing her to function superbly in every aspect of life.


These great results were achieved with determination and specific direction.  With a scientific approach to nutrition and intense motivation during every session Nat saw her body composition improve at rapid pace.

Jamie Lewis is a Nationally ranked Judo fighter and currently sits at 48th in his class.  I have been working with Jamie for just over 2 years.


Our initial hurdle to overcome was Jamie's rehabilitation phase post cervical spine surgery.  Jamie also had a number of skeletal alignment issues I had and still continue to work on.  Diagnosed with scoliosis and clearly displaying misalignment of the pelvis amongst other areas, we have begun to rebuild Jamie and make him a more efficient athlete.


In doing so, we have created a greater sporting potential within Jamie and thus, a stronger, faster, more powerful and efficient athlete.


In addition to the above mention benifits, an athlete who displays improved alignment is less susceptible to injury.  

These pictures display my own before and after results that were achieved in a very short space of time.  The difference between the two photographs on the left was only 2 weeks.  These results illustrate what can be achieved in a short amount of time with 100% dedication and knowledge.

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